Friday, September 10, 2010

Ok, can someone tell me what's going on?

Wow. Has anyone actually added up just HOW many children's markets Adelaide now has? We went from none, to well, I don't actually know!

Rose Park Market moved to Norwood, and is now the Norwood Market for Child and Baby and is now about to relaunch on Sunday, 10th October at Richards Park, Norwood - go Jenn!

Mathilda's Market is moving from its home at Loreto to Norwood Town Hall on Sunday, 31st October.

Mums & Bubs Market at Goodwood Community Centre has gone from strength to strength, its next market is on the public holiday Monday, 4th October and is now stretching its wings to go south for Sunday, 5th December in Seaford. Great work Sandra!

The gorgeous gals from Lollipop Markets are doing a fabulous job promoting their new market at The Shores Function Centre, starting on Sunday, 14th November.

North East Kids Market is about to get underway at the Greenwith Community Centre on Sunday, 24th October - a great addition to the north.

And, City Kids Market has just been established and is poised for a Saturday 9th October launch in North Adelaide at Estonian House in Jeffcott Street....phew! Have I missed any???

How lucky we stallholders are to have a pick of so many markets! And shoppers should be frothing at the mouth too!

All of these markets have a presence on Facebook, so follow them up there if you're after more info. If you're after a list of markets that Little Boombalada will be attending, stop by my online shopfront, and feel free to browse the store while you're there...

Happy shopping everyone!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Boombalada goes to print!

What a fortunate girl I am! I was lucky enough to be chosen to be part of a story on children's fashion by WAHMs, featured in the most recent Adelaide Magazine, produced by the Adelaide Advertiser. It was a fun shoot, photographed at the gorgeous Rose Park Primary School. The article is below, for those of you who missed it!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Piccies!

What a fun day it was! Lysia from Sassilu, Mardi from Little Luv, Jo from Sac du Jour, and I all had some new stock photos taken a few weeks ago on the same day by the very clever (and patient!) Cath Leo from Cath Leo Photography. Given the mountains of stock we (or do I mean I?) had brought we all did very well getting through so much in the time we had. The photos are great, and hopefully soon some new ones will be gracing my website. Thanks again to Mardi for the use of her house as standby studio and the absolutely delicious fennel and leek tart. I'm planning on making this tart later today, so you never know, you may see it blogged here! I'm feeling a little ready for a Masterchef challenge all of my own!

The clothesline, once again in use. This time with my drawstring bags. Mental note to self: must make more for my OWN children.

Red, white and blue bunting. The best seller. Another mental note to self: Get more cut out in readiness for Mathilda's...

Yep, love my clothesline!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mums and Bubs Market - Sunday May 16

I've outdone myself by remembering to take my camera to two markets in a row - not only that but I remembered to take some piccies too! I've splurged a little recently on new tablecloths, a new set of apple green suitcases and the cutest little wooden clothesline to hold my bibs.

How cute and practical is my spinning wooden clothesline?

I love my latest singlet designs

Lots of new printed muslin wraps and flannelette wraps, from $16 each

Sunday, April 11, 2010

St Peters Fair

For lack of imagination, I'm blatently 'borrowing' Sassilu's blog title! I was at the market too, crashing Lysia and Holly's stall for the day (you lovely ladies!) and at last, remembered to take some photos of my stock 'in situ' as it were. And yes, Lou, I am SO impressed you are up and time like the present, hey?

I've also finally got around to photographing some stock and getting it into my store. As my banner is about to go up somewhere on the fabulous Handmade Kids website, I thought I'd better get some more items onto the shelves! My husband has been literally nagging me to get the new rocket t shirt on my blog, shop, facebook, somewhere, for weeks now. And here it is. I like it a lot. Hand appliqued with much affection!

Hope you have a wonderful week. School holidays - half way there!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I heart the hearts

I should so be in bed by now. Except I'm not. I'm 'researching' for Little Boombalada. Just filling my head with lots of lovely images and whilst browsing, I popped into one of my new favourite blogs Crayon Chick, by the very talented Michelle Harvey.

Michelle was recently in Adelaide for the fabulous Bowerbird Bazaar. There were so many lovely things to look at, but the stand out was this gorgeous frame by Michelle. I just had to have it!

It now sits perkily by my front door and lifts my spirits every time I come in or go out. Thanks Michelle!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Mathilda's Market & My Bunny Singlets

Thanks to the very clever Toni @ Fairy Dust Design , I've been inspired to update my blog this week. It's literally been Mad March and I feel we're now plateauing out a little and getting back to some semblance of normality!

Now I've had time to breathe, here's a proper update: Mathilda's Market was fabulous fun on Saturday, 6th March. I had a ball and cannot wait for the next one in July! Here is the wrap up on the Mathilda's Market Blog. If only all the lovely stallholders had longer for a chat and catch up! Fortunately most of us were rushed off our feet, so it will have to wait till next time, ladies. A talented friend of mine, Jade, took some wonderful photos of my stall on the day. I'm very happy with the piccies, except now I keep looking at all the other ways I might have arranged things on my table. Another thing for next time!

Now that Mathilda's is over and I've delivered the last of my outstanding orders, I've ripped into gear with the next thing: Easter and my new cute limited Bunny Singlets! They can be ordered in pink, yellow, green or pale blue gingham and in Bonds sized singlets 00, 1 & 2. Bonds sizing is usually quite small, so all singlets have been prewashed to ensure against further shrinkage. Find them in my store, or contact me for different sizing and colours to those listed.

Happy weekend everyone!