Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I heart the hearts

I should so be in bed by now. Except I'm not. I'm 'researching' for Little Boombalada. Just filling my head with lots of lovely images and whilst browsing, I popped into one of my new favourite blogs Crayon Chick, by the very talented Michelle Harvey.

Michelle was recently in Adelaide for the fabulous Bowerbird Bazaar. There were so many lovely things to look at, but the stand out was this gorgeous frame by Michelle. I just had to have it!

It now sits perkily by my front door and lifts my spirits every time I come in or go out. Thanks Michelle!


  1. Oh my goodness! What a lovely post Kelly, thank you so much! I'm very honoured and a little chuffed, it's a pity everyone in my house is already in the land of zzz's because I'd love to share your loveliness with them! My trip was wonderful and I'm getting some fabulous feedback since getting home. You can count on seeing me back in October!

  2. Thank YOU Michelle. Glad you had a great visit. I'll make sure I get to the Bazaar before the last rainy afternoon this time, and might leave my daughter at home too!