Sunday, April 11, 2010

St Peters Fair

For lack of imagination, I'm blatently 'borrowing' Sassilu's blog title! I was at the market too, crashing Lysia and Holly's stall for the day (you lovely ladies!) and at last, remembered to take some photos of my stock 'in situ' as it were. And yes, Lou, I am SO impressed you are up and time like the present, hey?

I've also finally got around to photographing some stock and getting it into my store. As my banner is about to go up somewhere on the fabulous Handmade Kids website, I thought I'd better get some more items onto the shelves! My husband has been literally nagging me to get the new rocket t shirt on my blog, shop, facebook, somewhere, for weeks now. And here it is. I like it a lot. Hand appliqued with much affection!

Hope you have a wonderful week. School holidays - half way there!