Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Piccies!

What a fun day it was! Lysia from Sassilu, Mardi from Little Luv, Jo from Sac du Jour, and I all had some new stock photos taken a few weeks ago on the same day by the very clever (and patient!) Cath Leo from Cath Leo Photography. Given the mountains of stock we (or do I mean I?) had brought we all did very well getting through so much in the time we had. The photos are great, and hopefully soon some new ones will be gracing my website. Thanks again to Mardi for the use of her house as standby studio and the absolutely delicious fennel and leek tart. I'm planning on making this tart later today, so you never know, you may see it blogged here! I'm feeling a little ready for a Masterchef challenge all of my own!

The clothesline, once again in use. This time with my drawstring bags. Mental note to self: must make more for my OWN children.

Red, white and blue bunting. The best seller. Another mental note to self: Get more cut out in readiness for Mathilda's...

Yep, love my clothesline!